Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kenyan Mungiki raids

The people over at KenyaOnly drew these provocative pictures to my attention. They are of the Mungiki Raids in Kenya. More pictures and information here .


Silvia Connolly said...

hey! I think what you're doing with your blog is great. just wanted to let you know; I found your blog randomly. :)


Kimani said...

O boy. Who do you blame? This is how I know things are bad...I am finding it harder to blame the militants doing beheading than the government. If the Man believes it can govern the land of the Almighty for money and power (which are just human illusions anyway), hell will break lose. Oh bring peace to the souls that have been affected by this ordeal. May Love be the guiding force for East African Peoples. Ashe.

hj said...

The government and militias are both murderers. You decide, whether you want to risk choosing the lesser of two evils, eliminate both, or live and let live.

Black Shepherd said...

as i see it thats not the root of the issue. the mungiki were formed according to the bbc :"Mungiki was founded in 1987 by some young students in central Kenya to reclaim political power and wealth which its members claim was stolen from the Kikuyu."

so the root is really poverty and corruption. of course somewhere along the line it all got twisted:
"the Mungiki members have also been involved in other anti-social acts:

* Stripping women wearing miniskirts and trousers in public
* Forcibly imposing female circumcision
* Raiding police stations to free their own members who were under police custody."

wealth distribution, education and a less brutal way of curbing this madness needs to be thought up. imho diplomacy will fail - because any negotiations made by the government will be tainted by their ridiculously corrupt and dishonest track record and their lack of any effort to curb the very corruption that forced the initiation of the mungiki. i dont pretend to know the solution is, but police brutality sure isnt, and neither is terrorist attacks by the mungiki.

francescoP said...

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Anonymous said...

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