Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mungiki hit Kibera

Our brothers in Kenya are suffering from a barrage of inhumane violence allowed to exist because of the political forces within. The suppression of the media is in full force and it is only through citizens and brothers who feel the word of the horrid atrocities happening there must be revealed. The Mungiki have widened their reign of terror and Kibera has fallen victim to a murderous rampage. Please my brothers and sisters, inform yourselves about the situation, and do whatever is in your power to let the word get out and force the hungry politicians to forge the way to peace. For more detailed analysis on the situation and the Mungiki read the work of my fellow bloggers at kumekucha

Below is an example of the atrocities that have taken place at the hands of the Mungiki and the Government police

Khalil Senosi/Associated Press

One officer clubbed a woman in the throat as she clutched a baby, a reporter said. Many people were bleeding from head wounds.

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