Thursday, July 5, 2007

One Party State?

According to a poll recently conducted by the Research for Education and Democracy (Redet) in Dar-es-salaam, 41% of Tanzanians favor reverting back to a single party system. According to Dr Ndumbaro, the Researcher involved, the reason for these results is the lack of people in the country who have secondary or post-secondary education, as 90% of university graduates favored a multi-party system.

For personal clarification, I have decided to hold the same poll on this blog. I urge you all to vote, and feel free too make a comment relating to the issue.

Make your choice.


Anonymous said...

High School graduate

aulelia said...

How is the single-party system going to benefit Tanzanians? We are not a monolith! The idea that all TZ people are homogenous is almost insulting because one party cannot serve all.