Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where's the love?

I truly love Tanzania, really I do, even though my posts tend to paint a negative picture of the goings-on within the country. Through some recent discussions I have had, the same question keeps popping into my head, am I being to harsh? The whole purpose of UJAMAA and the evolution of our consciousness is to be an inclusive forum for activism and free expression. I in know way want to impose my views on people as gospel, I simply would like to state my views and engage discussion to develop solutions to these problems. I must admit however, that I am quite disillusioned with the political state in the country, continent and world. I feel activist mentality and civil society is non-existent in this country is virtually non-existent. Yet once again I am forced to ask, am I too negative?

A article in the Los Angeles Times that someone recently brought to my intention discusses how Western celebrities like Bono and Angelina Jolie like "to portray Africa as a basket case, but ignore very real progress". It examines what these people don't say about Africa. Click here to read the full article.

I am not, or would not like to be compared to a Western celebrity, however am I doing the same thing? Do you feel that I may be focusing too much on the problems we face then the greatness and beauty that are?

Please let me know your views and comments.

I won't pretend that my criticism about the goings-on in the continent will stop, but your thoughts may encourage me to diversify my focus a little bit.

Show some love.


wayne said...

it is one thing for Mtanzania to use his critical thinking skills to look at his country and see where and how change could / should happen. It is quite another thing for foreigners to do the same. As the LA Times article pointed out - there must be questions raised as to the motive of those from the west lamenting the problems of Africa. It is much more difficult to bring into question the motives of those who have the largest stake in the development of Africa - Africans themselves.Don't quit questioning. Don't quit raising the issues. Don't quit calling for Watanzania wote to think, question and suggest. The solutions to most of the problems in Tanzania must come from watu wa ndani, sio watu wa nje. Although the west can provide scientific expertise (medicines to deal with malaria, AIDS, etc..) it should be up to watanzania to embrace and use properly that expertise in their own struggle to elevate themselves economiclly, socially, culturally, etc...
I, too, love Tanzania, LAKINI, I am not Mtanzania - you are - fight for who and what you are through your words and your actions
Mungu akubariki

Black Shepherd said...

"I feel activist mentality and civil society is non-existent in this country is virtually non-existent. Yet once again I am forced to ask, am I too negative?"

I reckon by making known and publicising often supressed negative aspects and news of the country - youll bring it to the attention of the people, thereby building that activist mentality you speak of... it exists but people are resigned to a perpetual cycle of government corruption, foreign debt, robbery of national resources by MNCs, etc - and no visible change to standards of living. you are not being negative - you are doing whats necessary to disenchant people from this cycle. an ignorant man is a passive man. an angry man is an active man.

On another note , you are almost at 1000 hits, congrats!

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