Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Wild Life

The amazing diversity of the flora and fauna in Tanzania has been the object of mystical beauty for so many around the world. When one thinks of the beautiful array of wildlife in the country images of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater and the numerous other National parks and game reserves come to mind. This immense biodiversity has also become a major selling point of the country. Tourist numbers are increasing annually with more and more focus being put on the wonders within the country.

The Minster of Tourism and Natural Resources has realized the immense selling point of this array of wildlife, and to promote the tourist attractions in the country he decided to showcase these treasures at the Annual Dar-es-salaam International Trade Fair, more commonly known as Saba Saba.

Oh, what an idea it was! With numerous species of animals caged up in the crowded and congested fair, in clearly adverse conditions, the “Zoo” area of the Trade Fair became a highlight of the sheer inanity of our government officials. Once again we have an example of how some of our leaders will simply disregard ethical and humane values in exchange for money. The animals were kept under inhumane conditions, which were clearly a violation of their rights, for the viewing pleasure of the thousands that visited the fair.

What I feel is the most disgraceful element of the whole exhibition, is the fact that the media, the visitors and the public at large seemed to have no problem at all! In fact, the animal exhibition was lauded for its uniqueness and supposed thrill. Unfortunately, I don’t think the captive creatures felt the same way.

Below are some clippings to illustrate the reality of the cruelty these animals have been victims of.


wayne said...

Excellent point. Although the idea of showcasing Tanzania's rich abundance of wildlife is good, there surely was a much better way to do this. Perhaps some consultation with real wildlife experts, or even better, the use of large screen projectors (big enough to make a real impression on viewers) showing professionally done actual footage of some of Tanzania's wildlife actually living out their lives in a natural state.
Again, I think you have made the point well - a good intention gone awry through not thinking through the whole scenario - sort of "modus operandi" for many government projects & ideas

kifimbocheza said...

the MoNRT animal display is a disgrace every year and this was inevitable. But things could have been worse

hj said...

Wayne, thanks for your comments. There are definitely plenty of ways we could of highlighted our eco-diversity without actually harming it. I don't know how we would , but maybe we can try and come up with a way to ensure this does not happen at the next Saba Saba.

kifimbocheza, once again thanks for your contribution and enlightening info. It is disgusting how they can house people in a zoo! What can we do to help?